The Epoxy Floor Color and Beauty

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The Epoxy Floor Color and Beauty

Colored floor became one alternative decoration of the room, now epoxy floor paint, presenting various options: red, blue, orange, green, ivory, white, green leaf, etc. Even those that generate effects, granite, marble, glitter, metallic and even texture. Therefore, epoxy floor paint has now become an alternative material for home decoration.

Epoxy floor paint generally consists of two component (2K) is Epoxy Resin and Hardener. In its application, this paint to be mixed (component A + component B), you can add a maximum of 5% Epoxy Thinner .Perbandingan components A and B are generally 4: 1, or 0,4kg Epoxy paints Colours mixed with hardener 0,1kg with the addition of Epoxy Thinner as much as 5%.

One kilogram of paint mixed set of Epoxy Resin and Hardener, to cover an area of ​​4m2-5m2 with twice the sweep. 150-200 micron thick layers. Not surprisingly, this paint is resistant to friction, fluid chemistry, and can be applied in a variety of media, especially the concrete floor.

Besides having a fairly complete color epoxy floor paint is also equipped with glossy and matte effect. Glossy effect be an option to display a gloss effect on the floor, while the matte finish for a natural effect.

Cat kind offered also by PT Fanos ASIA, which consists of a primer such as Concrete Epoxy Primer and paint finish (Epoxy Top Coat).

Especially for the final coat (top coat), with a glossy or matte effects you can use Epoxy Floor Paint Clear Gloss or Clear Doff. You are given the option to create the effect of paint color he wanted to appear. Paint with a glossy effect can be used for areas requiring clean impression, while doff or natural, to a room that appears as it is, such as a garage or service area.

Same with other paints, Epoxy Finish Coat should be covered with primer beforehand. This paint is prone to surface clean. Therefore, this paint requires initial coatings, such as paint primer.

Other Epoxy floor paint Microcell, output PT Fanos ASIA is a unique paint materials, granular. This results in a granular texture typical. Texture in the form of plaques was immediately visible when the paint was applied. Suitable for layering floor garage, porch, or kitchen. This paint can be applied on the bathroom floor because it is coated with the coating antilumut and antifungal, with small granules that give texture so that the floor is not slippery.