How Application Epoxy Floor?

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How Application Epoxy Floor?

Based on our experience over 22 years in the field of Floor Coating, there are four key pillars to be understood properly to get the epoxy floors maximum, namely: First, the products used must be qualified in accordance with the climatic conditions of Indonesia (temperature & humidity Indonesia). Our experience several times using the products imported and the price is expensive, failed to apply because it is not suited to the climatic conditions in Indonesia. Second, according to the standard of quality concrete floors:

Strength concrete (compressive strength) of at least 25 N / mm² (K-250).
Smooth and flat floor surface (not bumpy), finishing using Direct Trowel and not using Acian Cement.
Age concrete has reached a minimum of 28 days and a water content of not more than 5%.
For above-ground concrete floor are required to use plastic sheet as a water vapor barrier, is placed on the work floor before casting the floor.
Concrete surface must be dry, free of dust, dirt, oil and residual cement easy
Third, Applicator (those who work) has to be experienced to paint materials and equipment used. Fourth, the adequate equipment will determine the success of epoxy flooring. The stages of application of epoxy floor is as follows:

Surface preparation

Surface preparation is a very important factor because it influences the adhesion of coatings on concrete. Concrete surface must be clean of dust and dirt, grease and oil. Concrete surface should be cleaned of laitance (layer of slippery concrete surface). Gurinda concrete surface with the engine Diamond Concrete Planner with the Vacuum Cleaner, after clean the concrete surface with a mop to clean Ceaner Solvent Oils and Fats.

Coating primer

Once the concrete surface is completely ready, apply a layer of FRP PRIMER 1 x MAXIFLOOR® MFP-250 using Roller (Mohair) evenly. 16 hours drying time. Except for Epoxy Mortar system using MORTAR EPOXY PRIMER MAXIFLOOR® MFM-212 with the same application method. Mixing method according to instructions Technical Data.

Epoxy Floor Coating, 300 microns.

After Epoxy Primer Dry (16 hours) apply with Roller (Mohair) paint finish first (sealcoat) using MFT-353 SL MAXIFLOOR® evenly. After drying (16 hours) Beru can be applied paint finish second with the same material, just different methods of application are: Mixed paint MAXIFLOOR®MFT-353 SL (According to Technical Data) was poured and then leveled with rubber Squeegee followed by Roller (Mohair) ,

Epoxy Floor Coating, 2 mm and 3 mm.

After Primer dry (16 hours) Apply MAXIFLOOR® MFT-353 SL in accordance body coat. This material is mixed with Grade Silica Sand Mixer 50/80 stirred ± 3 minutes then poured and leveled with Roskam Dental Then leveled with Roll Gigi (Spiked Roller). After drying (16 hours) apply the paint finish MAXIFLOOR®MFT-353 SL with the same method but do not use silica sand. Different applications to 2 mm and 3 mm only in the consumption of MAXIFLOOR®-353 SL and silica sand.

Epoxy Mortar screeds, 5 mm.

After Primer (MAXIFLOOR® MFM-212) dry (16 hours), make kepalaan with a distance of 2 m and a thickness of 4 mm using MAXIFLOOR®MFM-212 mixed with silica sand. After kepalaan dry (16 hours) pour the batter MAXIFLOOR® MFM-212 with silica sand between kepalaan then leveled with Jidar, then rubbed (mashed) with Roskam, After dry (16 hours) apply MAXIFLOOR®PFT-353 SL with Roll (Mohair) as a seal coat to seal the pores, then once dry (16 hours) apply the paint finish MAXIFLOOR® MFT-353 SL, was poured and charged with Roskam Gigi Gigi then rolled with rollers (Spiked Roller).

Epoxy Mortar curving, Ø 7 cm.

Curving surfaces that will be roughened by chipping, then cleaned of dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner and a mop with a cleaning solvent. Once clean apply MAXIFLOOR® PFM-212 without sand as Primer with a brush, apply directly MAXIFLOOR®MFM-212 mixed with sand and then formed with the mall. Once dry trim with emery, and then caulked with MFP-211 MAXIFLOOR® then sanded until neat.

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