Epoxy Floor on Ceramic?

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Epoxy Floor on Ceramic?

Ceramic or terrazzo flooring in the industry, has many weaknesses: the grout that causes the accumulation of germs and dirt, often ceramic pieces due to the hard object collision and the passing of time will be out of style or trend.

Epoxy Floor colorful, coupled with a variety of functions that call for support for industrial and warehouse floors have become a necessity. Even those that generate effects, granite, marble, glitter, metallic and even texture.

Along with advances in coating technology, you need not bother unpacking ceramic or terrazzo floor to replace it with Epoxy Floor. You also do not need to remove the layers of glazing (slippery coating on ceramics, reasonably clean with a cleaning solvent and then coat with Epoxy Ceramic Primer.

PT.FANOS ASIA, one of the leading paint manufacturer in global floor now presents an innovative product: “MAXIFLOOR® MFP 320 Ceramic Primer”, is made of epoxy primer water-based, so it is odorless and environmentally friendly. This primer consists of two component (2K) ie Ceramic Epoxy primer and hardener in the application, Ceramic Epoxy Primer is to be mixed (component A + component B), you can add a maximum of 5% water. Comparison of component A and B is 4: 1, or 0,4kg Ceramic Epoxy Primer is mixed with hardener 0,1kg and can ditambahkah maximum of 5% water.

One set kilogram (kg-set) Epoxy mix Ceramic Primer and hardener, can cover the area of ​​8m2-10m2 with twice the sweep. 60-80 micron thick layers. No wonder that: “MAXIFLOOR® MFP 320 Ceramic Primer”, can glue the smooth ceramic surface with layers of paint Epoxy Floor contained thereon. Based on our test results using a tool PULL OFF TEST, adhesiveness reached above 4 MPa, and even then not glazurnya loose Ceramic Epoxy primer.

Various types of paint can be applied over: “MAXIFLOOR® MFP 320 Ceramic Primer” such as Epoxy paint, polyurethane paint, acrylic paint, paint Melamine, NC and paint Alkyd paint. Application can also be in the brush, rolled or sprayed.

For further information, please contact PT.FANOS ASIA:

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Email: CS@fanoscoatings.com