Epoxy Flooring Warehouse & Factory

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Epoxy Flooring Warehouse & Factory

Warehouse & Factory Why you need in epoxy? If the warehouse and factory floor you want to clean, not easily broken, protected against the penetration of chemicals and use of oil products in Fanos coating maxifloor Indonesia.

Epoxy floors or epoxy floor paint is a coating material concrete floor surface using epoxy resin based materials, the use of that concrete is easy to clean and available in a variety of attractive colors, very suitable for use on the work floor where resistance to chemicals is required.

Warehouse & Factories in the area that frequency passed traffic flow is not too high (Light to Medium Duty Traffic), it is suitable to use epoxylantai with katebalan between 300 s / d 500 micron.

In the warehouse and factory floor for Heavy Duty Traffic then used epoxy floor is self leveling with a thickness of 1.000 s / d to 3,000 microns. With concrete overlaid using this epoxy material, concrete aesthetics with attractive colors in addition to the concrete protected against the penetration of chemicals, oil and protect the concrete floor of abrasive due to traffic path.

The following Terms & Factory Floor Warehouse before Applied Epoxy Floor:

Concrete has a minimum strength of K-225, 28 days old, clean and have a moisture content of less than 5% at the time of epoxy resin will be applied.
Before casting concrete, above the work floor is coated with a plastic sheet as berier water to prevent water from the soil surface capillaries.
Concrete surface should be flat with a tolerance of unevenness of 2 mm per meter length, the surface is smoothed with a trowel machine and is not coated with stucco tau acian.
Movement and expansion joint must be prepared and planned before Epoxy material is applied, to reduce the risk of shrinkage of the concrete that will lead to a rift.
How? Warehouses and factory floors want you clean, strong, resistant to abrasion and impact, immediately contact PT.FANOS ASIA, for more information!